Hi I’m James

I live in the Hunter with my beautiful wife Claire and our daughter Mahlia. Growing up in Country NSW I have always taken a keen interest in politics and how it affects our lives.  It is time for a new conversation in The Hunter so that our region can thrive into the future. The places we live only get better when we engage in the process and bring new ideas to the table.

In a nutshell I love

  • The diversity of the Greater Hunter Region including Lake Macquarie, The Hunter Valley and Newcastle. 
  • Spending time with family.
  • Eating amazing local produce. The Hunter is home to some of the best food and wine anywhere.
  • Meeting people through being a part of my local community, e.g. being involved in church.
  • Following footy.  My grandad, Cecil Maloney, played for Eastern Suburbs aka the Chookies – so growing up I didn’t have a choice of who to go for! The Roosters are closely followed by the Newcastle Knights. 
  • Water Skiing.  Actually any time spent on the water or near it is refreshing.


  • I am a Strategic Leader. Working with communities has been a theme of my career in roles such as Community Liaison Officer for the V8 Supercars Newcastle 500, Business Manager at a Legal Firm and holding an executive position in the education industry.
  • I am passionate about business.  Growing up I saw my parents work hard running their own contracting business. It also allowed them to give back through philanthropy and employing others which sparked an interest and passion for business in me.
  • I have intricate understanding of small business and the legal frameworks operating society.  Holding a Bachelor of Business and Laws and being admitted to the Supreme Court has provided this background.


Our own backyard:

I am passionate about making a difference in the country we live in which starts by making positive change in our own backyard.  It’s crazy how so many Aussies can tell you what is happening in American politics yet would struggle to name a half dozen pollies who make decisions that affect our lives every day.

Our values:

We live in a country built on great values and are truly blessed to call Australia home.  Our challenge? Do we take this for granted or step up to help the lives of people around us? 

Our impact:

There is a lot that we can do to enable people to thrive whether it be through infrastructure projects, viable Australian industries and championing both small, medium and large businesses who create jobs and assist in social justice through their philanthropic activities. More can also be done to end the injustices of domestic violence, homelessness and loneliness.

Our time:

It will take a generation of young people who will decide that rather than protesting from the sidelines, taking action and being a positive voice for change is far more effective.

Be part of the conversation

How can you be a part of the conversation? Get involved with the issues facing our region. Join a community organisation. Comment on plans and proposals put out by our Local Council, follow our leaders on social media and engage with what is happening here in The Hunter.  Sign up to keep up-to-date as I look at new conversations our region needs to have.